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Summer Layering: Crochet Vest

A lot of people I know are into layering simply because it brings extra warmth to their body and at the same time, it is also a good disguise to hide your unwanted belly (believe me, because I am one of them) especially since the winter season is also associated with the holiday festivities. How to hide your tummy from eating all of your mom’s turkey? Layering! Lol! With summer kicking in, you.. Read More

Relaxed in Plaid

This plaid trend has got to stop fluctuating like a stock. Ever since I remember plaid has been either very popular or something of the past. In the 90’s plaid was the most popular thing to wear in school, as seen in Clueless. Plaid dress, plaid skirt, plaid jacket, plaid everything! Then plaid quickly exited the fashion world and returned again around the early 2000’s. In this picture for example, Katie and Gretchen.. Read More

Take me to coachella

I just want to dance at coachella. Will you dance with me? I won’t dance with you. I’m dreaming of wearing my flower crown and twirling all through the day and night in my fabulous coachella fashion. A place where normal fashion laws don’t make sense. I will wear my flower crown proud upon my head. Like a princess in a fantasy hippy land this is the look I want.  I found a.. Read More

My Winter Accessory: Platform booties

It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s snowy and I need some champs! That’s why this outfit caught my attention. It consists of some cute cargo skinnies, a flannel, and some platform booties! Before you get turned off by the cargo skinnies, take a quick peek at these forest

Tshirt Dress Ease

It is not always cold here in the mountains. Sometimes it gets pretty hot too. When the hot temperature starts, it’s always a must to have a breezier outfit to get us thru the day without feeling sticky because of sweat or feeling unease to move around because of our fashionable outfits. This is very true especially when you reside in a hot climate in which the heat feels like hugging us and never.. Read More

Angora Sweater Say What?

My birthday was last week and my sister thought she should buy me an angora sweater. The reason I say this is because she did buy me an angora sweater, from American Apparel, and it’s one of the best/worst things in the world. It’s one of those love hate relationships that you hate so much yet you couldn’t live without it. So this is the sweater I got! You can find this exact.. Read More