A lot of people I know are into layering simply because it brings extra warmth to their body and at the same time, it is also a good disguise to hide your unwanted belly (believe me, because I am one of them) especially since the winter season is also associated with the holiday festivities.

How to hide your tummy from eating all of your mom’s turkey? Layering! Lol!

With summer kicking in, you don’t have to feel bad about not being able to layer because you can still do – with crochet vests. However, just to make it clear though, layering with this piece of garment will not be able to hide your tummy.

Now that we have tackled the white elephant in this blog, let’s talk about crochet vests.

To be honest, I always have this in my wardrobe because of my grandmother. She likes her crochets and would always make one for her granddaughters. Of course not everyone has a grandma who can make this so I would suggest that you check out these gorgeous vests that I found on Resultly. A really cool shopping app..

It is not that difficult to pair them because this vest is pretty much universal. What I mean is, you can pair it with your tank top, sleeved top or even a dress. It adds an extra flair to your outfit.

See how Selena Gomez wore her crochet vest.

crochet vest

The usual vests are shorter probably just up to your lower breasts but since some crochet vests have a very thin fabric, people in fashion have decided to make it longer like what Selena is wearing. Since it kind of clings to you, it gives a silhouette of your entire body, which makes you look sexy from the people observing you.

Aside from the various colors available for this vest, there are also several designs that you can choose from just like this Forever 21 crochet vest that I found on Resultly’s website.
crochet vest

The fringe in the crochet gives it a different take on the usual crochet vests that you see. If you will be pairing this off with neutral colors like black, brown or gray, the vest will definitely stand out. Wear it on your next Coachella festival with friends, you can wear this and match it with either shorts or a maxi dress for your bohemian look.

The heavy kind of crochet vest, where there is a lot of intricate detail on the design, usually just ends on the waist. Making it go lower will only make you feel sluggish because it will be a bit heavy.

In choosing the right vest for you, always make sure that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. It will definitely show if say, you are feeling heavy with the vest that you are wearing or you keep stumbling to one of its fringes.

So, are you all set for the vest?