This plaid trend has got to stop fluctuating like a stock. Ever since I remember plaid has been either very popular or something of the past. In the 90’s plaid was the most popular thing to wear in school, as seen in Clueless. Plaid dress, plaid skirt, plaid jacket, plaid everything!


Then plaid quickly exited the fashion world and returned again around the early 2000’s.


In this picture for example, Katie and Gretchen sport the popular plaid mini skirt. Then again, closer to 2010, plaid left the fashion world. Recently, I have seen lots of plaid. It all came back with the plaid lumberjack shirt. But, it has recently transformed back into plaid skirts and plaid dresses. Plaid is supposed to come off as more of a relaxed look, taking the vibe from the recent trend of “lumberjack” plaid tops.

The mini skirt has also recently come back into style, but I am not a big fan of the plaid mini skirt. If you’re looking to change up your plaid wardrobe I would look for a plaid skirt. Its perfect for a relaxed day look. I found some cute and affordable plaid dresses Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 12.57.14 PM

This one is definitely on the casual end. Its very loose and laid back, but has a nice trimmed detail at the bottom of the dress. This would look super cute with combat boots, just like the model wore it. Or you can pair it with some heeled booties and a belt to dress it up a bit more. If you’re looking to go a little more dressy you may need to spend more money to find a dress that’s flattering and with a good design. ¬†Here’s a long-sleeve plaid dress that I recently ordered.


This plaid dress is by Joie so naturally it was on the pricier end, starting at $258. Its on sale now for $180. This dress was highly over priced for what it is (an oversized plaid button-down). This dress is nice because it already comes with a black belt. This dress doesn’t look good without a belt- without the belt it would look like your wearing your boyfriends oversized plaid shirt. So, be sure to pair it with a belt. This can also be dressed up and down. I would wear this as a day outfit though. I think one of the more dressed up plaid products are actually the plaid skirts. The plaid dress is a little hard to pull off as more elegant than a plaid ¬†button-down.

As much as I love the plaid dress that I just purchased, its not my favorite trend that has re-entered the Runway. I think I am still more keen to wear leggings and an oversized plaid button-down as opposed to a plaid skirt or plaid dress. But hey, you should have fun with these trends!