It is not always cold here in the mountains. Sometimes it gets pretty hot too. When the hot temperature starts, it’s always a must to have a breezier outfit to get us thru the day without feeling sticky because of sweat or feeling unease to move around because of our fashionable outfits. This is very true especially when you reside in a hot climate in which the heat feels like hugging us and never leaves. Uuuuuhhh! Things we sacrifice for the sake of being stylish, but not anymore!

Be in style effortless. Thank God for Tshirt dresses! It’s as easy as slip in the dress and go. It is a laid back style / bohemian style and it’s so easy to do and maintain. It has the silhouette of dresses, may it be A line skirts, straight cuts or any cuts you can think of! But the fabric is made from different kinds of cotton / jersey fabric which makes it an easy, breathable and light fabric instead of the usual woven or silky fabric that are hot (since it’s fabric doesn’t gives air to the body inside) and heavy to wear that makes it easy for us to move and play around It’s also easy to fit in on every occasion; may it be for a weekend mall stroll or coffee with friends, movies or dinner after work, working, partying and etc.

It’s easy to style it too! You can just put on a sleeveless jacket / biker jacket / leather jacket or cardigan. Right shoes to pair it with? No problem, pair it with any flats, sandals, sneakers, and boat shoes or boots. Accessories are also easy; you can pair it with statement bracelets, cuffs, bangles, necklaces, earrings or big ring. Styling it actually depends on the mood or the occasion you want to dress up with.

For a party – you can always dress it with statement earring, necklace, bracelets or bag. On normal days, grab a patterned tshirt dress pairing it with a simple cross body bag or shoulder bag can tone it down a little.

Although it can be an option to wear just tank tops and short shorts, there are some places that finds that outfit un appropriate like churches, work, some restaurants and etc. wouldn’t be better to wear an outfit that is comfortable, light and yet appropriate to all places and almost all occasions? This is one of my favorite Tshirt dress outfits from Topshop!

tshirt dress

With this, I can do all the action and be sweat proof!

I can also wear leggings or stockings in it. And if sometimes I feel like I’ve gone shapeless and I want to emphasize more my figure, I just add a tiny or belt to define my waist.

I found this site called Resultly, where they display all the merchandises we are looking for from almost all fashion stores. Here are some of my favourite items from the site!

tshirt dress