I just want to dance at coachella. Will you dance with me? I won’t dance with you. I’m dreaming of wearing my flower crown and twirling all through the day and night in my fabulous coachella fashion. A place where normal fashion laws don’t make sense. I will wear my flower crown proud upon my head.

flower crown

Like a princess in a fantasy hippy land this is the look I want.  I found a lovely place to search for my royal floral crown. Resultly has them all. Check them all out here! How fanatic. My coachella dreams are coming true.

I’m going to dance all day and night at coachella! Twirling, twirling, twirling until my dreams  come true. I can dress like a hippy dippy everything is okay! I just love spinning in my floral crown. My lacey dress sheer and spinning. Yes lace dress. Need lace dress. Modcloth has a ton. Back to spinning and spinning in my lace dress and flower crown

Oh how I love coachella! I want to dance, but not with you at coachella. Dancing on my own is the best kind of dancing. Totally free and letting the music move me. Bobbing my head and moving my hips any which way the music directs them. Dancing. Dancing. Dancing outside in the warm summer air.


Let the music speak to you and let your body be free to move. Everyone staring at you as you prance around in your flower crown. Always a flower crown so they know you came to coachella to dance dance dance. In the sun and under the  moonlight always dancing.

Then it happens, suddenly and all at once you find a partner to dance with. Some its a group of people other times a stranger in the dark, but it is constant and happy. Bodies all moving to the beat. Swaying independently but together all the same. GLOW STICKS! How could I forget the glow sticks. When the sun sets the glow sticks come out. Always bring some. Order them online.

Everyone glowing and dancing all together but alone. Always dance alone even with a partner. Independent from one another but all sharing the same experience. Oh how I can’t wait for coachella to arrive.

Planning my outfits will have to get me by until then. I just want to dance. Yes I shall practice in my room and on my way to work and everywhere in between. I am just so excited I can hardly contain myself. My flower crown has been ordered and I will wear it when I dance.