My birthday was last week and my sister thought she should buy me an angora sweater. The reason I say this is because she did buy me an angora sweater, from American Apparel, and it’s one of the best/worst things in the world. It’s one of those love hate relationships that you hate so much yet you couldn’t live without it.

angora sweater

So this is the sweater I got! You can find this exact one on their website or check out a bunch of other, similar ones here.

Ok so let’s get down to it. Why do I love it and why do i hate it and do I recommend you buy it?

So it’s winter right now. It’s cold, or should I say freezing, windy, and potentially snowing. Need I go on as to why I love this super warm and cozy sweater? I don’t, but I will. So, like I said. It’s one of the greatest gifts in the world. I get so cold sitting in my office all day that has gray cement walls and no carpeting. It makes me feel comfortable and at home when I’m there all day freezing my butt off.

Why else do I really like it? Hmm, well it’s cute. It’s navy which is super wintery as I’m sure you can imagine. It has decoration on it with the pins and pearls sewed in across the front side. It’s not anywhere on the backside so you’re able to lean back in your, no worries ;)

I Hate IT

So it’s winter right now. It’s cold, or should I say freezing, windy, and potentially snowing. I walk to work every morning and it’s usually in a hurry due to the conditions described. With that said, I walk very fast and am usually very sweaty by the time I get in my office door. Sometimes I’m racing to catch the train or other times I’m trying to beat the lights and cross the street. Regardless of the situation, it seems to be an apparently common interest underneath my super warm pea coat.

So, would I recommend it?

Absolutely! Omg, even if you don’t buy this exact sweater, check out that Resultly link I posted because they have a bunch of options¬†that range from sweater dresses to regular sweaters, all angora,¬†for you to choose from! I say the more the merrier when it comes to these trendy tops. So for christmas this year be sure to include this on your list, and if you’ve been naughty just let santa know all the bad things about a sweater like so!